Monday, June 4, 2012

Fashion Never Sleeps

This picture came out a bit weird and i took it at the end of the day...hence no face b/c I was exhausted! haha

grey cardi: Old Navy $10
silk tie blouse: Forever 21 $15
lace top: H&M $15
red jeans: Urban Outfitters $40
black crocodile mocs: Zappos $40-50

Colored jeans are everywhere!!! So "in" right now and truly affordable for any price range. Pair with neutral tops and shoes, like I did here. OR color block it! You know I love a neutral palette, but I'm trying to branch out since spring and summer are all about color this year! A cobalt blue or yellow would be fun with the red jeans in the pic!

Side note: I'm literally on my feet all day at work so I can't wear heels :( such a tragedy for a shoe whore like me! haha but I can still rock my 5 inch pumps on the weekend! #fashionneversleeps

The September cover shoot was on Saturday and they said it went really well! Then the stylists' jetted over to Milan (so jeal) for another photo shoot with some Italian It Girls....nbd. Also saw a sneak cover for the August issue! I love seeing the mechanics behind it all and just experiencing how much goes into each issue! Makes me appreciate it more!

This week is looking a bit rainy :/ This rain better be gone by the weekend because I'm planning on some serious beaching!

Enjoy some pics from some of my fav blogs.



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