Tuesday, June 19, 2012

celeb worthy spaces

Some of the blogs I read highlight beautiful celebrity apartments. While my family in Connecticut are not celebs, they have just renovated major parts of their home and the finished product is like something out of a magazine!
They found inspiration from the home of Brooke Shields, and brought their own interpretation to it. It also comes in handy when the dad is an architect! I wanted to shine a spotlight on a few spaces that were truly elegant.
The have a walking path down the street that goes through a beautiful reservoir. I wish I could’ve taken a few more pictures, but I was on a run with my uncle! I got the picture below because we came upon a deer during the run! I attempted to take a picture of it and failed miserably. If you can find the orangey/brown dot in the middle of the photo, that’s the deer. :)
Finally, I spotted this gem while shopping in their Centre. I have no clue what make or model, but I thought it was insanely adorable. Naturally, I had to instagram it ;)

Last, but not least, I arrived from Connecticut at Grand Central Station and felt like I was straight out of gossip girl.


Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Latest Issue

After being at lucky for these past three weeks, it was really fun to be able to look at the latest issue!! I loved flipping open to the page where it recognizes all of the employees, etc. and knowing a lot of the names! Seeing the names of the stylist behind the shoots and the a few of the writers was pretty cool, too!

I posted this outfit above 2 weeks ago. I got it out of the “grab bag” (if you will) because some of the items cannot be returned for one reason or another. The day that I wore it I was shocked to receive so many compliments from my coworkers with the occasional “I think we shot that?!” And here it is!

I recognized the shoes below because my boss wears these red clogs when her feet need a break from the pumps!

During my many searches thru the “shot” rack, I have passed these two shirt and sweater combos below. So cute right?? The white lasercut leather is genius and makes me want to explore a preppier side.

Finally there was some inspiration from Cacharel in the beauty column below. Cacharel is one of the brands that Aeffe represents! (Aeffe was the showroom I visited last week! Check out: Preview) Loving this red bobby detail to add to a very 60s primped outfit.

One thing that I try to incorporate into my style is a certain juxtaposition. Whether it is a little hippie clashed with rock, feminine top with a sharp blazer, mixing in order to create something unexpected allows you to dig within your own creativity. At lucky, I notice this design juxtaposition along with the contrast of high/low designers and high/low pricing.  They can match Dolce and Gabbana with Topshop, Marc Jacobs with Banana Republic. They indulge in some fashion obsessions while also keeping a more price conscious customer in mind. While searching thru the racks I love so many of the designs, and sometimes, it’s not until you look at the tag that you realize it’s from H&M! I know I'm a bit biased but Lucky is kinda the bomb.com


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Top of the Rock

Mom and Jess came to visit today!! Got to see them on my lunch break and then we ventured to the top of Rockefeller plaza! 69 floors up and you could see the entire city!! I have some pics below! Also realized my outfit was $25 today. Boom. Top-joes (free from internship), skirt- urban outfitters clearance ($10), sandals- urban outfitters sale ($15). And that's the way uhuh uhuh I like it uhuh uhuh.

My cousin is graduating from high school this weekend so we are venturing to Connecticut! I asked to leave work early tomorrow and ended up getting the whole day off!

More to come


Wednesday, June 13, 2012


 So I've been waking up later and therefore forgetting to take a picture of my outfit...fail. Didn't love yesterday's anyways....but today I went on a preview so I had to dress up a bit!

Sam Edelman wedges: Belk Clearance $30

 Grandma Crochet sweater: handmedown from Jessie
High-low sheer top dress: Urban Outfitters sale $20

Went on a preview with the assistant market editor and fashion closet assistant. We ventured to Aeffe (where Kirby is interning!) to take pictures of the new resort collections for all of the designers Aeffe represents: Moschino, Moschino Cheap and Chic, Moschino Love, Alberta Ferretti, Philosoply by Alberta Ferretti, Pollini, Cedric Charlier.

The showroom was BEAUTIFUL. We went thru and took a picture of literally every item. Then later when the market editor's and deciding what to bring in to potentially use for the photo shoots, they have everything (most of the time) that they need to request a look.

Ended the day with hot yoga in 105 degree heat... insanely amazing.


Monday, June 11, 2012

Hodgepodge Post

Friday's outfit:
     polkadot denim shirt: Forever 21 (got it out of the "grab bag" at work)= free
     orange skirt: Promod (Venice, Italy)= 15 euro
     tan oxfords: Florence leather market

This is totally not a typical "emma" outfit if you will but i got a million complements on this top! Lucky shot it in their latest issue!

 at Highland Park with Kirby, Laura, and a bunch of the girls on Friday!

 The line at Trader Joe's on Sunday night that wrapped around half the store.....

Below inside of New York Times

 An "artsy" shot of times square while on my lunch break!
Wish I would've gotten a full shot of Friday's outfit...I was quite proud hahaha.
White silk button down: Nordstrom $90 (splurge while in West Palm Beach but totally worth it b/c it's timeless)
Black and white lace dress: Macy's (clearance- not positive $15ish I would guess)
Brown leather and gold studded belt: Forever 21 $10
Tan suede platform sandals: Topshop London $60

Ballin day at work today. We were all working really fast and getting so much done! Boom. It was awesome. Ventured over the NY Times to pickup something for one of our stylists. Lauren and Hannah, the assistant stylists, were working on a "office" shoot with some ladies from Nars. It was awesome to be able to see how they came up with the outfits and seeing a preview of what is to come in the future issue.

After work, I made it back to my favorite yoga place in the city: Yoga to the People. It was a 60 minute hot yoga class, 105 degrees, mats about 2 inches apart, the entire room just decompressing.... I WAS AMAZING. I feel like a new woman. haha But seriously, love it and they have locations all over the city. This particular class I went to was $5 and some of other are just donation! Great for broke unpaid interns.

Spent the weekend in Long Island-- Saturday at the beach, Sunday on the boat! It was so peaceful! Sidenote: just read Explosive Eighteen by Janet Evanovich. Amazing. I read in like 3 days. Hilarious mystery novel.


Thursday, June 7, 2012

oh happy day

totally forgot to take a pic of my outfit.... so i figured i'd recreate it for you!

First, the top. Now, ussssuuuallly I hate jcpenney but my mom and i popped in before i left to go to the mini sephora they have in the one in knoxville. we just wandered around and ended up finding a few things that were actually really cute: exhibit a: decree tank top $14. They ruin it in the online pic with that white tank underneath, but that's besides the point.


Sheer is really "in" right now and it's best to pair with a nude/neutral tank or fun bandeau/bra if you're feeling adventurous!

The fashion closet is about two degrees so i  always have to have a cardi. The one I wore is from Old Navy and about a thousand years old, but this one is from Forever 21 and is only $17 and super cute:

last a good pair of dark skinnies..... i really do need to get a "good" pair once i'm not broke as a joke but for the mean time $10 from H&M, thank you.

Today was great to say the least. Everyone was in a really good mood! I met with one of the market editor's, Noelle, who will be mentoring me. We went over some goals and action plans, which basically just came down to finding out some great opportunities and information about everything behind Lucky. I'll be going to a photo shoot, a production meeting, and a market appointment. I'll be shadowing one of the stylists and also helping pull looks for a shoot. I AM SO EXCITED. The day got even better when they brought in mini cupcakes for the interns :) They wanted to thank us for all our hard work and positive attitudes while dealing with the craziness from preparing for the september issue! it was great! the day ended with a bang when I got off right at 6 pm! has. never. happened. was sooo pumped. 

anyways now i just feel like i'm gloating.... i'll try and keep you updated with the latest fashion news.


p.s. apparently kanye west shoes' for nike went for $90K on ebay. ridic.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Today was quite eventful. I'm exhausted so we're going bullet points....
  1. got hit by a pigeon on a run to a showroom
  2. got free hummus and pita chips
  3. almost got into a fight with the starbucks lady- tried to tell me I cut line... uhnha girlfriend
  4. somehow ran into/got sold into a salon package: $70= hair wash, cut, and style, manicure, pedicure, mini-facial, 20 min massage, eyebrow and lip wax, makeup application, and color consultation
  5. saw grace coddington at the times square subway station (creative director at vogue)
  6. some random man stopped me and asked me where the nearest starbucks is....once i told him, he said that he actually just stopped me because I was very beautiful...awkward. flattering, but anyone who knows me know I tried to play it cool and was feeling supppppper awk
  7. saw a danceshow on the subway complete with a guy swinging sideways on the pole, doing back tucks and consecutive back handsprings in place directly in front of me
quite a day. totally random and ridiculous, but wonderful.

below is my outfit with my braid- channeling my inner Serena (thank you gg)


  • green military jacket (jessie hand-me-down) Banana Republic
  • white top: Macy's clearance $10
  • washed eggplant twiggy pants: JCrew clearance $20
  • beige detail flats: gift from Erin (future sister-in-law!)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

$0 Outfit

Crochet sweater: Mom's from the 70s    $0
Joe's Jeans: my boss at Mary's ordered an extra pair in my size at market :)    $0
Jcrew Espadrilles: hand-me-downs from Jessie   $0

Close ups of these espadrilles from Jess. I got them free of charge, but she said they were around $5 maybe....

Nothing like a totally free outfit! Didn't realize this until just now. boom.

Went to the Marc Jacobs showroom today, which was gorrrrgeous!!! Everyone there was very trendy; I know you're shocked to hear :)

Kirby and I are in need of a new book so we walked down to Barnes and Noble and, of course, arrived as they were shutting the doors at 9:02-ish pm. So we then ventured to Soho, where I had looked up a used bookstore. Needless to say it was ancient, no computer, and all very odd books. Well, it was worth a try! Definitely hitting up B&N right after work tomorrow. Although people watching on the subways can be entertaining, I'd rather read. Annndd I'll need something for the beach this weekend, of course! Thank god the weather is supposed to clear up!

Shout out to my friend Laura Batey, who just got a job with the Doneger Group. They are one of the major fashion trend forecasting agencies! Google them. Amazing.



hate this song but love them


Monday, June 4, 2012

Fashion Never Sleeps

This picture came out a bit weird and i took it at the end of the day...hence no face b/c I was exhausted! haha

grey cardi: Old Navy $10
silk tie blouse: Forever 21 $15
lace top: H&M $15
red jeans: Urban Outfitters $40
black crocodile mocs: Zappos $40-50

Colored jeans are everywhere!!! So "in" right now and truly affordable for any price range. Pair with neutral tops and shoes, like I did here. OR color block it! You know I love a neutral palette, but I'm trying to branch out since spring and summer are all about color this year! A cobalt blue or yellow would be fun with the red jeans in the pic!

Side note: I'm literally on my feet all day at work so I can't wear heels :( such a tragedy for a shoe whore like me! haha but I can still rock my 5 inch pumps on the weekend! #fashionneversleeps

The September cover shoot was on Saturday and they said it went really well! Then the stylists' jetted over to Milan (so jeal) for another photo shoot with some Italian It Girls....nbd. Also saw a sneak cover for the August issue! I love seeing the mechanics behind it all and just experiencing how much goes into each issue! Makes me appreciate it more!

This week is looking a bit rainy :/ This rain better be gone by the weekend because I'm planning on some serious beaching!

Enjoy some pics from some of my fav blogs.