Monday, June 11, 2012

Hodgepodge Post

Friday's outfit:
     polkadot denim shirt: Forever 21 (got it out of the "grab bag" at work)= free
     orange skirt: Promod (Venice, Italy)= 15 euro
     tan oxfords: Florence leather market

This is totally not a typical "emma" outfit if you will but i got a million complements on this top! Lucky shot it in their latest issue!

 at Highland Park with Kirby, Laura, and a bunch of the girls on Friday!

 The line at Trader Joe's on Sunday night that wrapped around half the store.....

Below inside of New York Times

 An "artsy" shot of times square while on my lunch break!
Wish I would've gotten a full shot of Friday's outfit...I was quite proud hahaha.
White silk button down: Nordstrom $90 (splurge while in West Palm Beach but totally worth it b/c it's timeless)
Black and white lace dress: Macy's (clearance- not positive $15ish I would guess)
Brown leather and gold studded belt: Forever 21 $10
Tan suede platform sandals: Topshop London $60

Ballin day at work today. We were all working really fast and getting so much done! Boom. It was awesome. Ventured over the NY Times to pickup something for one of our stylists. Lauren and Hannah, the assistant stylists, were working on a "office" shoot with some ladies from Nars. It was awesome to be able to see how they came up with the outfits and seeing a preview of what is to come in the future issue.

After work, I made it back to my favorite yoga place in the city: Yoga to the People. It was a 60 minute hot yoga class, 105 degrees, mats about 2 inches apart, the entire room just decompressing.... I WAS AMAZING. I feel like a new woman. haha But seriously, love it and they have locations all over the city. This particular class I went to was $5 and some of other are just donation! Great for broke unpaid interns.

Spent the weekend in Long Island-- Saturday at the beach, Sunday on the boat! It was so peaceful! Sidenote: just read Explosive Eighteen by Janet Evanovich. Amazing. I read in like 3 days. Hilarious mystery novel.


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