Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Today was quite eventful. I'm exhausted so we're going bullet points....
  1. got hit by a pigeon on a run to a showroom
  2. got free hummus and pita chips
  3. almost got into a fight with the starbucks lady- tried to tell me I cut line... uhnha girlfriend
  4. somehow ran into/got sold into a salon package: $70= hair wash, cut, and style, manicure, pedicure, mini-facial, 20 min massage, eyebrow and lip wax, makeup application, and color consultation
  5. saw grace coddington at the times square subway station (creative director at vogue)
  6. some random man stopped me and asked me where the nearest starbucks is....once i told him, he said that he actually just stopped me because I was very beautiful...awkward. flattering, but anyone who knows me know I tried to play it cool and was feeling supppppper awk
  7. saw a danceshow on the subway complete with a guy swinging sideways on the pole, doing back tucks and consecutive back handsprings in place directly in front of me
quite a day. totally random and ridiculous, but wonderful.

below is my outfit with my braid- channeling my inner Serena (thank you gg)


  • green military jacket (jessie hand-me-down) Banana Republic
  • white top: Macy's clearance $10
  • washed eggplant twiggy pants: JCrew clearance $20
  • beige detail flats: gift from Erin (future sister-in-law!)

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