Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Latest Issue

After being at lucky for these past three weeks, it was really fun to be able to look at the latest issue!! I loved flipping open to the page where it recognizes all of the employees, etc. and knowing a lot of the names! Seeing the names of the stylist behind the shoots and the a few of the writers was pretty cool, too!

I posted this outfit above 2 weeks ago. I got it out of the “grab bag” (if you will) because some of the items cannot be returned for one reason or another. The day that I wore it I was shocked to receive so many compliments from my coworkers with the occasional “I think we shot that?!” And here it is!

I recognized the shoes below because my boss wears these red clogs when her feet need a break from the pumps!

During my many searches thru the “shot” rack, I have passed these two shirt and sweater combos below. So cute right?? The white lasercut leather is genius and makes me want to explore a preppier side.

Finally there was some inspiration from Cacharel in the beauty column below. Cacharel is one of the brands that Aeffe represents! (Aeffe was the showroom I visited last week! Check out: Preview) Loving this red bobby detail to add to a very 60s primped outfit.

One thing that I try to incorporate into my style is a certain juxtaposition. Whether it is a little hippie clashed with rock, feminine top with a sharp blazer, mixing in order to create something unexpected allows you to dig within your own creativity. At lucky, I notice this design juxtaposition along with the contrast of high/low designers and high/low pricing.  They can match Dolce and Gabbana with Topshop, Marc Jacobs with Banana Republic. They indulge in some fashion obsessions while also keeping a more price conscious customer in mind. While searching thru the racks I love so many of the designs, and sometimes, it’s not until you look at the tag that you realize it’s from H&M! I know I'm a bit biased but Lucky is kinda the


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