Tuesday, September 21, 2010


J. Mendel....need I say more

Seriously, this guy is a freakin genius. What woman wouldn't want to wear his clothes. He usually has some unbelievable furs for fall but for spring, the flowing and effortless quality of his clothes is literally...no words. speechless. The draping, pleating, asymmetrical shapes with little fur shrug of course. The only exception to wearing a shrug...if it's fur. I wish the picture would work so I could show you but please go to style.com and look up J. Mendel. I will hopefully be able to load the pictures tomorrow b/c as Rachel Zoe (aka my idol) would say I die.

The First of Many Posts on Fashion Week 2010

So my life has been consumed by school but I did try and keep up with the new shows last week. I still need to look at a lot of them but I'm just going to recap my favs so far. First of all, so many of the collections are embracing neutrals aka my entire closet! So I was really happy to hear that. I just love the airy quality of the spring fashions, pastels and neutral just making all the clothes so effortless. However, with the simplicity, there are some exceptional uses of texture.

Jason Wu. I die. I think he made this collection specifically for me I'm completely obsessed!!!!!!! It was the epitome of sophistication with his light blouses and high-waisted pants and shorts. And of course, the unbelievable cocktail dresses...(side note he designed Michelle Obama's inaugural gown nbd) Here are a some of my favs.

Lela Rose had some amazing ready to wear stuff that I would definitely embrace. There was also an unbelievable skirt...the texture and craftmanship..unbelievable and I love that she paired with a tee. I'm all about pairing unlikely clothes to create a cool look. Well now it won't let me add more pictures....more to come

Monday, September 13, 2010


FASHION WEEK IS ROCKING MY WORLD AND I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW TO HANDLE IT. THERE WILL BE MANY....I MEAN MANY PICS TO COME. and i am overly overly overly obsessed with Jason Wu's collection. Check it out style.com. Side note he designed Michelle Obama's inaugural gown nbd. Gaaah I wish I could write more but along with fashion week, I also have 2 paper and a test this week. The priorities of the 4 things change just about every minute or so. i'll leave with a quote from the wonderful Coco "Fashion can be bought. But style, one must posess."

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Shine On

The weather this weekend was oh so beautiful and my devotion this morning just summed it up so nicely: may the warmth of my presence shine onto you! It often seems thought that just little things can just really stress you on days like these but you can't let them get to you! One of the many great things my mom taught me was to find happiness everyday and to find happiness in the little things. Each little thing just adds up and can fill you with great joy. Some of the following pictures just really describe what I think of when I think of sunshine, happiness, and joy in the fashion world! P.S. One week til fashion week!