Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The First of Many Posts on Fashion Week 2010

So my life has been consumed by school but I did try and keep up with the new shows last week. I still need to look at a lot of them but I'm just going to recap my favs so far. First of all, so many of the collections are embracing neutrals aka my entire closet! So I was really happy to hear that. I just love the airy quality of the spring fashions, pastels and neutral just making all the clothes so effortless. However, with the simplicity, there are some exceptional uses of texture.

Jason Wu. I die. I think he made this collection specifically for me I'm completely obsessed!!!!!!! It was the epitome of sophistication with his light blouses and high-waisted pants and shorts. And of course, the unbelievable cocktail dresses...(side note he designed Michelle Obama's inaugural gown nbd) Here are a some of my favs.

Lela Rose had some amazing ready to wear stuff that I would definitely embrace. There was also an unbelievable skirt...the texture and craftmanship..unbelievable and I love that she paired with a tee. I'm all about pairing unlikely clothes to create a cool look. Well now it won't let me add more pictures....more to come

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