Thursday, August 30, 2012

Please and Thank You

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fashion Therapy

I'll start by saying that I love sorority recruitment and practically don't know what to do with myself now that it's over. This week I had planned outfits that made it somewhat less stressful :) but now I'm needing some fashion inspiration revival. I die over Alexa Chung in this editorial spread for Elle France and the first two models are randos but ballin' (am i right ladies?)

Hopefully a price conscious post will be coming soon because 1: I'm broke and 2: of course, feel like I have nothing to wear at this moment in time. baha


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Prep and Bohemian

Prep colorblocking: Love that colorblocking is still going strong and getting more adventurous with the color choices. This is a prefect match with yellow, blue, purple, and a tiny orange sliver.

This has my name written all over it. That perfect Celine bag that every girl wants on her arm. Black and white with just a pop of mustard in her fedora.

Total girly prepster but how cute is this picture. This is pushing the envelope with neon heels, stacked bracelets, and switch up nails.

Enough said.

If only I could wear this in real life without getting stared at awkwardly... You could alter this by wearing a maxi skirt with the cropped bustier (channeling your inner-coachella)

PJ trend: too much for me, but look up the Celine pants: they're amaze.

Tidbits of the day. Half way thru Recruitment! ADPi love.


Saturday, August 11, 2012

Final Days at Lucky

Back in good ole Knoxville! Coming back was bittersweet, but my last days at Lucky and in NYC were truly wonderful. Had the opportunity to work all day with the assistant stylist! That was pretty much confirmation that I would absolutely love to end up styling. I'm still keeping my options open, but I absolutely LOVED assisting her!

I became best friends with all of the girls I interned with and the women we worked under were always so appreciative! It was without a doubt the best internship I could have imagined. I feel so blessed and thankful for this unbelievable opportunity. 
Discovered this amazing bar on my last night in NYC called Home Sweet Home. (shout out to Caroline and Emilie :)) It was a little hole in the wall but with such character. Vintage chandeliers, taxidermy on the walls, and 50s rag time filling the room. Of course I discovered it on my last day, but it was a blast. 

My bff, Lauren, called and surprised me while on a work trip in NYC. We reunited at my fav restaurant Grey Dog and had the most epic catch up ever. Spent my final days in NY in Long Island with my aunt and Mimi laying on the beach in complete relaxation! 

Althought I was pretty sad to be leaving my favorite place, it was refreshing to come home and reunite with all of my friends (remembering that I am still just a college student!) Spirit week in Gatlinburg next week for ADPi, my brother's wedding in Nashville and Recruitment, one after another! God give me strength! It'll be amaze though. Starbucks is always welcome :)

Enjoy some of the final outfits and pricing of course!

Denim button down: NY&Co $20
Striped racerback: Sass and Bide @resale shop $10
White high/low skirt: Made this in my sewing class in Italy!
Lace-up espadrilles: J Crew hand-me-downs

If you don't own a denim button down, get one now! I became obsessed over the summer because it goes with everything.

 Crochet sweater: Mom's from 70s
leather belt with gold studs: Forever 21 $12
Black skater dress: Joe's $40
Blue flats: Target $20

Buttoned up collar is really coming strong transitioning into fall. I can't take the preppiness too far becuase that's not my style, so add denim cut offs or a fitted skirt. This top would also look great with a dressier short.

Sleeveless button down: Vintage shop (gift from Mom)
Jean cutoffs: Vintage Wrangler $7
Leather Oxfords: Florence Leather Market $70

Blue silk romper: Forever 21 ~$20
Platform espadrilles: Target $12

White linen tee: Joe's $20
Brown maxi skirt: Mimi's from the 40s
Wedges: Lucky Brand $40