Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Price Is Right

Floral Tee: Anthro (clearance duh)
White Lace Dress: Topshop London (50 euro)
Black ankle strap sandals: Zara ($20)

Top: Joe’s (half off wholesale= score $20? Don’t remember
Dark Skinny Jeans: Joe’s (gift from boss at the boutique I used to work at!)
Black crocodile mocs: Zappos ($50)
Rocker Chain Necklace: LOFT. Yep you heard me. Shocking I know. Mom’s a bargain shopper like me sooo I’m guessing $10-20 range

Dress: Anthro clearance yet again $20
My favorite hippie bralette: Urban Outfitters $20
Red vintage suede shoes: Urban Outfitters ($20? Gifted)

purple sheer and beaded tank: Forever 21 (grab bag at work!)
orange jersey dress: Kirby’s from H&M in Florence

How freaking cute is the back of this dress?! H&M $70…. Obvi didn’t get it
Sidenote: I wasn’t sure initially about the peplum, but I’ve grown to really love it. If you know your shape and you don’t have a butt, then this trend is perfect for you! Me and my ghetto booty, not so much.

One of my favs of the summer: very grandma. Love. Anyways….
Pale pink sweater: My mom’s from the 70s.. feel like my gma might have made it??
White Maxi: Free People clearance e$20

Had to include this from my sorority convention: This high/low sheer purple dress with orange accent: jc penney! What?! I was shocked but how cute is it??

Joe’s top: half wholesale $20?
Snakeskin maxi:  Urban Outfitters clearance $10
Teal suede belt: Target (gift from Kirbs)
Black Sandals: Zara $20 sale

denim button down: NY and Co $15 clearance
vintage denim cutoffs: Amacord Fashions $40
“vintage” red suede shoes: Urban Outfitters (gift from Kirbs)


Thursday, July 26, 2012


A few rando pics from the week! Assisting the stylist tomorrow so I'm pretty excited! More to come.


Monday, July 23, 2012

Food and Art

 cutest table ever at le grenouille!
we really enjoyed commentating on this family's dinner... the girl on the left was pissed the whole time, so we were coming up with ridiculous stories as to why.... still a mystery
cucumber soup!
 the lovely savignon blanc
 dad's duck with fig and hazelnut (i think)
 my dover sole with french green beans; oh and i forgot in the previous post, there was an amazing mustard dipping sauce with the fish!
 dad's souffle
 above le grenouille (my future apt?)
 coffee souffle with creme anglaise- delishhhhh
 fresh floral table arrangement
 le grenouille!
 starry night





simple as that. more to come.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Spectacular Weekend

To say the weekend was exciting is an understatement! My dad arrived on a drizzly Friday afternoon, but the rain did not stop us from having a delicious dinner at Le Grenouille. Le Grenouille is the highest rated French restaurant in all of New York City! We started the evening off with a cold cucumber soup, followed by foie gras with warm peaches and hazelnuts, Dover Sole with French green beans, and a Coffee Soufflé with Crème angliase, coffee and little “biscuits” to top of the night. A lovely French Sauvignon Blanc throughout dinner, as well. It. Was. Unbelievably. Delicious. No. Words.  Food aside, the interior of the restaurant was beautiful with fresh flowers brought in everyday, waiters and “captains” as they are called waiting on you hand and foot. An unforgettable experience.
We started Saturday off at Ess-a-bagel, Midtown East’s best bagel joint. Delish, yet again. Along with every type of bagel sandwich combination possible, they had a selection of tofu-based “cream cheese”. Now I know what you’re think, that’s the most disgusting thing I’ve ever heard, but it was actually really good! (And my dad can attest because he tried a bit of mine). I got the walnut raisin kind. It was much lighter than normal cream cheese, but tasted just the same. Added benefit: healthy protein!

We ventured down to the World Trade Center Memorial, which was absolutely breathtaking. The entire complex is still a work in progress, but we were fortunate enough to see the North and South pools, the Survivor Tree, and the construction of the new museum and Freedom Towers. The pools sit exactly where the original towers stood, and the entire panoramic view is the perfect memorial.

(MOMA pics to come)

We then made our way back uptown to explore the Modern Museum of Art. I was pleasantly surprised to find some significant pieces of work. The works of Miro, Dali, Picasso, Warhol, and Pollock. I enjoyed the paintings on the upper floors of the museum. As we worked our way down, some of the art got a little too “modern” for me, and I will never get the minimalism concept. I love it in fashion, not in art. I know there is deeper meaning behind it all and there are different techniques used, etc. but some of the work looks like I could whip it out in 5 minutes….. Anyways, the musueum as a whole is beautifully laid out and constructed and hold some stunning works of art, weirdness and all.

Dad and I sat outside at a cute little restauarant, Pescatore, for a “linner”, if you will. Delicious red win Sangria, calamari, yellowfin tuna, tiramisu and coffee to top it all off, made it a quite lovely linner. Our day got that much better as we prepared ourselves for Cirque du Soleil’s Zarkana at Radio City Music Hall! I felt like a seven year old all over again, literllay jumping up and down as we made our way down the aisle to our perfect orchestra seats in the smack middle of the theater! This was my first Cirque show and my first time at Radio City, so I was beside myself. The jumping continued, as I sat down, still bouncing with excitement. 

There is absolutely no way to describe the sheer genius of this show. The acrobats, trapeze artists, and everything in between were truly remarkable. I found myself screaming at one point when two men were jump roping on top of a turning wheel. If you’ve seen a cirque show, you know what I’m talking about. If not, look online ASAP and go see one. 

Needless to say, it was a fabulous weekend. 


Monday, July 9, 2012


sorry i've been MIA for the past twenty years! life catches up with you!

wassup from the big apple!!! racking my brain for updates from the past few weeks! Work has been amazing as usual. Things have slowed down a bit so we have gotten sooooo much done. I've also become great friends with the ladies I work with and two of them came with me to the beach this weekend! It ceases to amaze me how cultured so many people are within the fashion industry and throughout NYC as a whole. Just a few things that some of my fellow interns have done or are going to do: Caroline- lived in LA, went to FIDM, now goes to FIT, and is going to Paris to study abroad next year; Victoria- studied in Germany and France, plans on doing a coop in Germany and getting a double degree in International Business from her school in the US and the school in Germany. Literally died. These women are incredible and keep in mind that we're all just interns together at Lucky! So much more ahead of us, and we get to work with some inspiring women at Conde Nast. It just keeps gettin better (cue Christina's song).

At work, I went with the Associate Market Editor to  appointments to see a preview of the holiday collections for Splendid, Ella Moss, and a few other labels. I've helped the stylists edit through some of the looks for photoshoots, and attended a production meeting, where everyone joins together from each department to assure that everythin for the upcoming issues are on time, etc. Very cool! I've also become a pro at returns. Because last week was the 4th and a lot of people were on vacay etc, we caught up on sooo many old returns that I pretty much have it down to a science! It helps too when everyone is so appreciative!!

A few weekends ago, my friend Laura was pretty much my event coordinator. I was whisked from Le Bain, the rooftop bar and club on top of the famous Standard Hotel, and to The Dream Hotel rooftop. I felt like a celeb haha... speaking of, haven't had any sightings since Anna Wintour on my first day and Grace Coddington in the subway- what is this! I want to see some famous peeps in this amazing city.

I traveled to Georgia on the 28th for an ADPi leadership convention. I know, doesn't sound too exciting, but I actually had a great time. The programming was interactive, and I met some presidents from other adpi chapters around the US who were down to earth and all around awesome.... ADPi nerd right here.

This past weekend was SO relaxing in Long Island. Sunday was probably my favorite beach day all summer! Beautiful weather, perfect water temp, and great tanning :)

I'll try and keep up with the posts!