Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Price Is Right

Floral Tee: Anthro (clearance duh)
White Lace Dress: Topshop London (50 euro)
Black ankle strap sandals: Zara ($20)

Top: Joe’s (half off wholesale= score $20? Don’t remember
Dark Skinny Jeans: Joe’s (gift from boss at the boutique I used to work at!)
Black crocodile mocs: Zappos ($50)
Rocker Chain Necklace: LOFT. Yep you heard me. Shocking I know. Mom’s a bargain shopper like me sooo I’m guessing $10-20 range

Dress: Anthro clearance yet again $20
My favorite hippie bralette: Urban Outfitters $20
Red vintage suede shoes: Urban Outfitters ($20? Gifted)

purple sheer and beaded tank: Forever 21 (grab bag at work!)
orange jersey dress: Kirby’s from H&M in Florence

How freaking cute is the back of this dress?! H&M $70…. Obvi didn’t get it
Sidenote: I wasn’t sure initially about the peplum, but I’ve grown to really love it. If you know your shape and you don’t have a butt, then this trend is perfect for you! Me and my ghetto booty, not so much.

One of my favs of the summer: very grandma. Love. Anyways….
Pale pink sweater: My mom’s from the 70s.. feel like my gma might have made it??
White Maxi: Free People clearance e$20

Had to include this from my sorority convention: This high/low sheer purple dress with orange accent: jc penney! What?! I was shocked but how cute is it??

Joe’s top: half wholesale $20?
Snakeskin maxi:  Urban Outfitters clearance $10
Teal suede belt: Target (gift from Kirbs)
Black Sandals: Zara $20 sale

denim button down: NY and Co $15 clearance
vintage denim cutoffs: Amacord Fashions $40
“vintage” red suede shoes: Urban Outfitters (gift from Kirbs)


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