Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Prep and Bohemian

Prep colorblocking: Love that colorblocking is still going strong and getting more adventurous with the color choices. This is a prefect match with yellow, blue, purple, and a tiny orange sliver.

This has my name written all over it. That perfect Celine bag that every girl wants on her arm. Black and white with just a pop of mustard in her fedora.

Total girly prepster but how cute is this picture. This is pushing the envelope with neon heels, stacked bracelets, and switch up nails.

Enough said.

If only I could wear this in real life without getting stared at awkwardly... You could alter this by wearing a maxi skirt with the cropped bustier (channeling your inner-coachella)

PJ trend: too much for me, but look up the Celine pants: they're amaze.

Tidbits of the day. Half way thru Recruitment! ADPi love.


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