Tuesday, June 5, 2012

$0 Outfit

Crochet sweater: Mom's from the 70s    $0
Joe's Jeans: my boss at Mary's ordered an extra pair in my size at market :)    $0
Jcrew Espadrilles: hand-me-downs from Jessie   $0

Close ups of these espadrilles from Jess. I got them free of charge, but she said they were around $5 maybe....

Nothing like a totally free outfit! Didn't realize this until just now. boom.

Went to the Marc Jacobs showroom today, which was gorrrrgeous!!! Everyone there was very trendy; I know you're shocked to hear :)

Kirby and I are in need of a new book so we walked down to Barnes and Noble and, of course, arrived as they were shutting the doors at 9:02-ish pm. So we then ventured to Soho, where I had looked up a used bookstore. Needless to say it was ancient, no computer, and all very odd books. Well, it was worth a try! Definitely hitting up B&N right after work tomorrow. Although people watching on the subways can be entertaining, I'd rather read. Annndd I'll need something for the beach this weekend, of course! Thank god the weather is supposed to clear up!

Shout out to my friend Laura Batey, who just got a job with the Doneger Group. They are one of the major fashion trend forecasting agencies! Google them. Amazing.



hate this song but love them


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  1. Hahaha just catching up and saw the shout out. Love you!!