Thursday, June 7, 2012

oh happy day

totally forgot to take a pic of my outfit.... so i figured i'd recreate it for you!

First, the top. Now, ussssuuuallly I hate jcpenney but my mom and i popped in before i left to go to the mini sephora they have in the one in knoxville. we just wandered around and ended up finding a few things that were actually really cute: exhibit a: decree tank top $14. They ruin it in the online pic with that white tank underneath, but that's besides the point.


Sheer is really "in" right now and it's best to pair with a nude/neutral tank or fun bandeau/bra if you're feeling adventurous!

The fashion closet is about two degrees so i  always have to have a cardi. The one I wore is from Old Navy and about a thousand years old, but this one is from Forever 21 and is only $17 and super cute:

last a good pair of dark skinnies..... i really do need to get a "good" pair once i'm not broke as a joke but for the mean time $10 from H&M, thank you.

Today was great to say the least. Everyone was in a really good mood! I met with one of the market editor's, Noelle, who will be mentoring me. We went over some goals and action plans, which basically just came down to finding out some great opportunities and information about everything behind Lucky. I'll be going to a photo shoot, a production meeting, and a market appointment. I'll be shadowing one of the stylists and also helping pull looks for a shoot. I AM SO EXCITED. The day got even better when they brought in mini cupcakes for the interns :) They wanted to thank us for all our hard work and positive attitudes while dealing with the craziness from preparing for the september issue! it was great! the day ended with a bang when I got off right at 6 pm! has. never. happened. was sooo pumped. 

anyways now i just feel like i'm gloating.... i'll try and keep you updated with the latest fashion news.


p.s. apparently kanye west shoes' for nike went for $90K on ebay. ridic.

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