Tuesday, June 19, 2012

celeb worthy spaces

Some of the blogs I read highlight beautiful celebrity apartments. While my family in Connecticut are not celebs, they have just renovated major parts of their home and the finished product is like something out of a magazine!
They found inspiration from the home of Brooke Shields, and brought their own interpretation to it. It also comes in handy when the dad is an architect! I wanted to shine a spotlight on a few spaces that were truly elegant.
The have a walking path down the street that goes through a beautiful reservoir. I wish I could’ve taken a few more pictures, but I was on a run with my uncle! I got the picture below because we came upon a deer during the run! I attempted to take a picture of it and failed miserably. If you can find the orangey/brown dot in the middle of the photo, that’s the deer. :)
Finally, I spotted this gem while shopping in their Centre. I have no clue what make or model, but I thought it was insanely adorable. Naturally, I had to instagram it ;)

Last, but not least, I arrived from Connecticut at Grand Central Station and felt like I was straight out of gossip girl.


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