Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Let It Shine

One of the many highlights of the day occurred when I was on a run to a pick up some samples. I was sitting on the subway, and this group of men burst into song: Let It Shine. I creepily videoed them, but they were really great and I just had to capture the moment, so enjoy!

Despite the fact that I was ready weirdly early for work, I forgot to take a pic before I left so I look kinda ragged....anyways! Played around with iPhoto to make them a bit better.

The were starting a run-thru today for the September issue, so I knew it would be a long day! I originally had planned to wear my green military jacket with this but it was way too hot!
Blue maxi dress: Anthropologie $70 
Pocketwatch necklace: a booth in London $20
Black Sandals: Zara $20

Arm Candy:
     Fossil watch: bday gift from mom! (~$100)
    Greek key cuff: my dad's from the 70s!
    Gold multi cuff: Kohls?... questionable, but it wasn't more than $10-15

Because I'm a shortie and the blisters on the back of my heels needed some rest, I combined some of my favorite sandals from Zara with tying up my dress. I've seen this done in other fashion blogs, magazines, etc. and it really is handy, especially when you're running around all day and don't want to risk tripping and falling! Works best with jersey. And let's keep it to skirts and dresses. No side tying your Hanes tshirt- 90s flashback.

Discovered a new place in Times Square called Chop't. Great new salad place that has a line down the sidewalk during the lunch hour but barely a line when I got off work at 7:30 pm. Naturally, it's a salad place with a gillion different options so I was in hog heaven. I chose the vegetarian powerhouse. I was delish to say the least, and soooo relaxing to just sit after being on my feet all day..... despite the fact that the guy "chopping" my salad was creepily staring at me and telling me I was beautiful. Anyways! I'll trying to keep the rambling to a minimum next time! Enjoy!


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