Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Feelin Lucky?

Besides the fact that it's a million degrees outside and I still got blisters despite the fact that I wore flats...my first day interning at lucky has been amazing!!!

There isn't a strict dress code so I decide to stay a bit more classic. I wanted to wait and get a feel for what people wore in the fashion closet, before doing anything too crazy!

grey striped top: forever 21  ~$8
yellow lace and tulle skirt: Rodarte for Target (a gift from my sister when Target did one their first designer collections!)
dark teal suede belt: Target
red suede shoes with gold heel detail: Urban Outfitters
(both gifts from Kirby!)

I've decided, I also want to share with you how easy it is to work your style under a budget! If I don't remember the exact price it won't be on there, but I will try and put as much info as I can! Also, word for the wise DON'T get rid of your clothes too often! That Rodarte skirt is 3-4 years old! Unless it absolutely needs to go (aka anything Abercrombie, Hollister, etc.), keep it! You never know when it might be of use or making a wonderful comeback.... who doesn't love leggings??

Advice aside, I had a GREAT first day at my internship! I met some great interns who are working at Lucky and Vogue. The ladies I am working with and under are wonderful and I can tell I am going to learn so much this summer! To make my first day that much better, I saw Anna Wintour. In the flesh. I died..... well, not really. But I totally freaked out in my head because I was trying to keep calm, cool, and collected. She was stunning, as was her outfit. It didn't feel like real life.

I am exhausted to say the least but I know I'll build up some stamina! Looking forward to sharing my summer adventures in NYC along with some great fashion finds, advice, and inspiration!


p.s. Some random fashion-ness for your enjoyment :)

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