Sunday, May 13, 2012

Exhaustion and Revival

The runway

Is it just me, or is it alwaysss at the end of the semester that your body just peaces out? You go, go, go and the moment you're done and you sit down, you realize you could probably sleep for two days straight. Yup. This one, right here. So glad I gave myself a few weeks to recoop before moving up to NY for my internship!

The program

Despite the fact that school ended on Tuesday, I still had a full week of activities! Probably the most exciting part of my week was that I ventured to Franklin, TN to see my best friend Lauren's junior collection. She attends O'more School of Design for fashion design and illustration. Every year, the school puts on a fashion show featuring the collections of the junior and senior design students. I was soooo excited to be able to see this years show! Although my iPhone didn't get the best pictures, I did get a video of her collection. I was being a total fashion mom with a huge Nikon borrowed from friend :) Once I get those pics, I'll be sure to share them! Lauren's aesthetic is wonderfully original. Romantic 20s meets Asian minimalism. The highlight among the 6 pieces was her couture dress. Red lace embroidered.... I died. I was literally shaking. Apologize for the commentary on the video, but they are a bit entertaining :)

Click the link for Lauren's video!

Lauren and me before the show!

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