Thursday, May 19, 2011

Let the adventures begin

Picture this: Kirby and I sprinting (yes, I mean sprinting) through the Chicago airport with 50 lb backpacks, weaving and huffing and puffing until we reach the gate with no plane.....International travel can be luxurious...or hilariously eventful when looking back of course. In the moment, I'm frantic and freaking but of course now can laugh about it.

Our flight originally was supposed to leave Ktown at 12:30. Kirb calls me at 9:45 to say our flight's been cancelled and they put us on a 4:05 flight which was cutting it close for the 5:55 flight in Chicago. We go through security only to find out it's been delayed again to 4:50...really cutting it close. We leave at 5:10 eastern time and arrive at 5:50 central time...our plane leaving in 5 minutes. Sprinting through the airport and we miss the flight. THANK GOD! They put us on a flight to London!

So now we're in London waiting on the connection to Paris! The girl sitting next to me on the flight was amazing!!! She was from Iran but lives between Paris and Phoenix because she's working on her PHD in Management and her husband is in his residency in internal medicine in Phoenix! No big deal! She was super nice and smart and I was able to ask her tons of questions! She basically planned out an itinerary for us and told us the places to go and when, and the little places that not many know about but that are amazing! I can't believe we're not event there and already meeting people like this! Then on the shuttle we met a man who was from Seattle travel with 10 of his neighbors to Istanbul! I couldn't get comfy on the flight so I only slept a little and am pretty tired but that's what coffee's for right! Will hopefully keep you updated! Can't wait for the fashion, wine, sights, coffee....wait....I really just can't wait for EVERYTHING in Paris! Good day!


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