Monday, May 23, 2011

Buona Sera

Buona sera!
We arrived in Rome yesterday and I am absolutely blown away, speechless, don't even know what to say. First, a recap of Paris! The first dinner we actually had in Paris I was a little disappointed, I had duck which was amazing but then in came with french fries ( I find it hilarious they serve such nice things with french fries!) ..and Kirb and I ordered a rose wine and it was super strong..didn't really like it but the confit de canard as it was called was delish! The next day we got up early and got croissants and espresso at a little bakery and felt very french! Then, we took the metro to the Louvre, of course did the audio tour, loved it! We got some sandwiches at a little vendor and walked down to the Champs Elysses down to the Arc de Triomphe! We went into Louis Vuitton and there was a man there looking to buy some 14,000 euro trunks...NBD! Next we went to the Eiffle Tower and walked up to the second tier and took the elevator to the top! It was awesome! Then, we went to this place called Montmarte which has the tallest church in Paris (Sacre Cour?) and it overlooks the entire city. Bayan from the plane told us to go here and there a little hidden restaurants to the left of it! We were really annoyed at first b/c some africans cornered us and tried to make us pay 5 euro for these stupid bracelets but oh well! So we went to a little dinner place there and I had some type of white fish with rice and sauce, Kirby got quiche lorraine, and we shared an apple tart!

The next day we got up at like 6 to catch the train to Versailles. We made it on the train and then there was a fire in the tunnel.... so they made us get out and then we were supposed to walk to another Metro station..have no clue where we are so I stop and ask and we get on a Metro bus and pretty much took a scenic tour there. We went thru a very residential area which was very cute! We finally arrived at Versailles and it was AMAZING!! It was def one of my fav places in Paris!! We were there for almost 5 hours!! Then we came back.... train back then we had to get off and take a bus to another metro station and then finally make one more connection and made it to Mass at Notre Dame! Can you believe it?! It was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen!! Then we thought we'd try to find the Latin Quarter, ended up walking around for practically an hour before settling somewhere and we were both so freaking starving and all they brought was peanuts before our meal b/c most people were having drinks. But our meal was actually great I had this salmon with sorrel? sauce and rice and then the best part...we went to this little creperie and shared a nutella crepe. It was maybe the best thing either of us has had. Thennnnnn we went to the light show at the Eiffle tower! So surreal laying in the grass with a million other people just watching the lights!!

Needless to say we packed EVERYTHING in and had an amazing time. People were surprisingly friendly and helpful anytime we asked for directions! Also, I was quite proud of myself navigating Kirby and I around Paris! I was pretty savvy with the metro!

We shockingly made to the airport with no side adventures like every other freaking trip! We got to the hotel and the program director had suggested this place for lunch down the street called Insalada Ricca. (Side note: I don't think French people believe in vegetables..I was dying.) So there I got a salad with smoked salmon, corn, I can't remember what else, and the house dressing and Kirby got linguine with zucchini,pine nuts, basil and garlic. IT WAS UNBELIEVABLE. I was saying I don't think I've been that content in a long time!! So fresh and delish!! We walked around and weren't even seeing anything famous but were just so blown away by the architecture, buildings, and history! We came back and passed out, and then API brought us out to dinner for a full course meal. It was great!

Then today, we took a historic walking tour of Rome. We saw the Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Colosseum, Forum all with a tour guide! SPEECHLESS. I felt like I was in a dream or disney world or something it was so unbelievable. Then we were done with the tour so a group of us decided to go to the spanish steps! I was feeling like the ring leader navigating the metro yet again! haha We loved the spanish steps and then went down past all the unbelievable shopping. Of course we were just walking thru trying to find Zara and a terrential downpour starts! Always an adventure! We sprinted thru the rain and made into an unbelievable Zara! I bought some really cute leather oxford shoes! The ones I've really been wanting! Then we walked back to one of the squares where the tour guide said one of the best gelato places is! I got some type of chocolate kind with nuts and pistaschio! It was delish!

Needless to say I've been having the greatest time! I'm just really trying to be present in the moment and let everything around me sink in! Tomorrow we go to the Vatican!!!!!! I'm totally buying Roserie beads! Va bene,

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