Friday, January 25, 2013

Understated Photoshoot

I like how this picture from my photoshoot with Ben looks very "real". Leather, sparkle, and leopard in one outfit, and yet, it looks natural. I arrived to the shoot naturally with my hair astray, no makeup, and channeling my tomboy "badass" look... Which leads me to another thing I love about fashion- you can really express your personality, emotions, generally how your life is going through what your wear. On the flip side, you can also drastically change how your feel/how your day goes through your clothes. By putting a smidge more effort into even the most minor details, you can go from feeling exhausted at 8 am and wanting to roll into class in sweats... to feeling a bit more confident in putting on liquid leggings, your favorite boots, and rocking a furry snood.


Photography by Ben Ozburn 
Model and Styling by Emma Sousa

DKNY Leather Jacket / Joe's JerseySparkle Dress / Sam Edelman Leopard Booties

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