Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hipster + Costar

Before I get into my outfit, I wanted to comment on the Neiman Marcus collection for Target. I was literally so pumped and then quickly disappointed when it came out. A lot of the designs left much to be desired, but I did find a few perfect pieces. Even better: I knew Knoxville might be hesitant to branch out into some of the designs, so I naturally waited for the sale to hit (and then mark down to 70% off). The result: this Proenza Schouler Sweatshirt for a whopping $9 and a fur vest to make an appearance in a later post. This is a total hipster outfit; I will admit, but it's quintessentially me. Costar, Molly Atticus (aka Addy) makes an appearance in the second shot. She's a kook but hilarious and a snuggle-bug. 

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