Wednesday, March 21, 2012


hola chicas/chicos!

I'm gonna brag for two seconds.... I'm writing this from West Palm Beach, Florida. Been here since Saturday and am in blissssssssss. Took this pic on my first morning here!
Shout out to my fabulous friends Kirby, Kelsey, and Shannon with me on this wonderful vacation! Anyways, the point of this post is to tell you a little more about what I discovered while I was is New York City!

Because I was up there with my retail class, we had a list of store suggested for us to visit. My first stop All Saints. I had heard of AS but didn't know much about their brand. There store in Soho BLEW ME AWAY. Like unbelievable. I'm gonna attach some of the pics and tell you more about it below:

Now, I took pictures mostly of the setup and decor in the store, which as you can tell, was insane!!!!! I was obsessed. Everything complimented the clothes so perfectly. They were organic and wearable and beautifully crafted. The detailing on some of the skirts and dresses... i die/ I'm so annoyed I didn't take a picture! Wait. I'll find one online :)
enough said. Everything in the store had an authentic feel. Sound so dumb, but I just felt very inspired every corner I turned. Though original, they were definitely in the know with technology. There were iPads throughout the store for you to learn more about the items and even order them online if they didn't have your size. We had discussed this concept in my retail class so it was very interesting to see it in action!

When I take the time to actually post, you can tell it's a bit stream of consciousness: from NYC, to random fashion pics, to fashion week, to inspiration quotes. It's a bit disjointed but I hope it keeps you on your toes and I can share some of my inspirations!

Please comment below! What spring trend are you most looking forward to? I'll post some tips or good finds based on your comments!

Peace, love, sunshine and waves :)

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