Friday, March 9, 2012


Long time no see! Since I last posted I have been to my favorite place evaaaaaa: New York City. While there will be many posts to come, I wanted to first post about my "alma mater" if you will, Joe's Jeans. The summer after my freshman year, I interned with Joe's in NYC. It was the greatest first summer working in fashion. I worked with some unbelievable women and still keep in contact with many of them. Betsy, in particular, was the showroom assistant at the time and I got a chance to visit her when I was up there this week! We had a little wine date at her apartment in Brooklyn and caught up on pretty much everything! She is now an account executive for Joe's mens! While we were chatting, I found out that Joe's opened a retail store in Manhattan! So exciting!

So on my last day in the big apple, I ventured down to Soho and went to the Joe's store (off Mercer, if you happen to be in the city). I was so excited to see so much of their new line and new designs! Joe's was the first to truly expand the colored denim phenomenon with their 55 color denim line. It's pretty fab....which is why I included some wonderful pics!

I know I'm a bit biased, but Joe's are truly my favorite premium denim jeans. They are SO comfortable, and what most people don't know, is that they have different styles to match different shapes. So if you're in the city check out the Joe's store in Soho, and if you're in Knoxville, come to Mary Boutique to pick up a pair today! Feel free to comment if you have any more questions regarding Joe's!


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