Thursday, March 22, 2012

If You Have to Cry

A few days ago, I finished one of my new favorite books: If You Have to Cry, Go Outside by Kelly Cutrone.

The back cover: Kelly Cutrone has long ben mentoring women on how to make it in one of the most competitive industries in the world. In her trademark, no-bullshit style, she combines personal and professional stories to share her secrets for success without selling out. Raw, hilarious, shocking, but always the honest truth, If You Have to Cry, Go Outside calls upon you to gather up your courage like an armful of clothes at a McQueen sample sale and follow your soul where it takes you. Whether you're just starting out in the world or looking to reinvent yourself, this book will be the spark you need to figure out what you have to say and the world- and how you're going to say it.

I absolutely LOVED this book. It was witty but informative, shocking but inspiring. If anyone knows me, I'm all about quotes, so I wanted to share a few lines that spoke to me while reading.

"After all, you can't truly be happy if you've never known pain. You can't truly feel joy if you've never felt heartbreak. You can't really know what it's like to be filled unless you've been empty. And here's the other thing: sometimes in life seasons don't come in order; instead of fall, winter spring, summer, we get three winters in a row. But that doesn't mean spring won't come eventually"

"I'm not saying you shouldn't chase the things I chased [...] but I am saying they are ultimately worthless, regardless of their price, without a knowledge and love of yourself and a firm belief in something greater than yourself."

"If you don't have faith in yourself, and if you want to take this world at face value, you're going to have a f***ing nasty ride."

"if you ask yourself often enough, Is this the voice of God? the answer usually becomes obvious. A voice tell you that you suck, that you're not important, that you're heading toward impending doom of some kind or another, is probably not the voice of your soul, or the Divine, or the Goddess. But if there is an important message to be found in your thought, you must take positive action immediately in order to glean it."

If you're looking for some inspiration, a new start, or just a fresh look on life, I would DEFINITELY recommend this book. It really spoke to me personally and also provided some sound advice for success in the fashion industry.


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