Saturday, January 15, 2011


With all the crazyness going on around us, we often get engulfed in it all and don't know where to turn. Times get stressful, fight or flight right? Sometimes it just all comes at you at once and it seems to be doing that to me a lot lately. Once I get past the panic, frantically running to clear my head, it's hard at first but i think of hope. If we lose hope we'll never get out of any of the chaos we go through. Hope is something you can hold on to no matter what. Even if it's just a little flame or a huge bonfire, you have a burning inside of you to reach the end, the goal, what ever you have hope for.

I was looking through my many lists in my phone and came across a quote I copied. I don't know where it's from or who said but it something that truly touched me and don't think it was by accident that I came across it today. The big guy upstairs...that's what I like to call him...although stressful days may make me/you feel helpless, there's always a little quote, action, sign just reminding you that he's right there beside you, holding your hand on this journey we call life. and he specifically put people in this world that are holding the other hand as well: friends.

"Happiness lies for those who cry, those who hurt, those who have search and those who have tried. For only they can appreciate the people who have touched their lives."


  1. I love you best friend!!! this is an awesome post and I believe that your stressful life with begin to ease with the hope you talked about!

  2. I love that quote, Emma! This post was great! :)