Monday, December 20, 2010

5 days til Christmas

Hello friends! There's five days til Christmas! GET EXCITED! I don't know about you but I've been extra excited about Christmas this year! I don't really know why..I've been listening to the music since the beginning of November, been working on (and overspending) on gifts for longer than necessary and have been baking nonstop! Gotta love it!

I'm pretty excited about Xmas also because I don't really know too much of what I'm getting. I love surprises so I'm stoked to see what's in store and I'm actually anticipating giving my presents more because I'm quite proud of them!

Anyways I haven't updates Ezisa in a while because although school's done for now my life doesn't get any less busy. I've been finding some good street style lately. I'll hopefully be researching more and sharing with you the looks from the PreFall 2011 runways shows! That's right they're already whipping out stuff for next fall. But anyways here's some inspiration for the holiday season!

During the break, I'm planning on making one of these sheer skirts with my mom! Went to JoAnns yesterday for fabric so I'm pumped! PS bought some Jeffrey Campbell black studded wood-heeled platforms at Ross yesterday...$20. NBD.

This outfit will be duplicated soon.

I just need that blazer and I'll be set. How freaking great is this?
So much inspiration in only 12 looks.
I love how effortlessly she accomplishes this outfit :)

Brought out the fur vest last week and am loving hers with just the solid black on the bottom! The following quote I came upon recently and I really gave me so much hope! I hope it does the same for you!

Happy Holidays! :) -E

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