Friday, January 28, 2011

Happy Days

(i would totally be the guy in the background in this pic...or fainted on the ground)

Hello!!!! So it's been awhile due to my psycho schedule! Literally been running around like a crazy person but seriously have had a wonderful week! And today is Jessie's (the best big sis in the world) birthday! She's 25 going on 5! Mom and I got her 4 pairs of wedding shoes to choose from and I made a carrot cake with creamcheese frosting from scratch (her fav)!!!! She loved the shoes and the cake was awesome! I was quite proud! So because of all this greatness why not follow with some of the AMAZING pics I've stumbled upon this week! Enjoy!

I kinda just want to be here and according to my photographer friend the lighting is epic so I second that!

Loving the grecian skirt with gladiator platforms juxtaposed with the blazer and thick leather belt! genius!

My two favorite models...backstage...sitting together. Love.

Abbey Lee in Issac Mizrahi...this is unbelievable and just incase you didn't already know she's my ultimate fav! Rehearsal dinner dress: check.

lovvvvvving the sheer maxi skirt! i actually bought sheer fabric with my mom a couple weeks ago to make one so hopefully that will be coming soon!


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