Monday, June 10, 2013

New Updates!!

As requested by one of my readers, I've added a new and easy feature to the blog! On the right hand column titled "All Fashion Dilemmas!", feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, concerns you might have! (You can always comment at the bottom of each post if you don't mind the rest of the readers to see, too!) I would LOVE to hear any and all things fashion related, or heck, anything life related! My aunt does tell me I could be a therapist in another life ;)

Also, be looking for new photoshoot pics soon!! Thank god Jamie (my Knoxville photographer) has a best friend photographer, Danielle, who lives in the city. I love that the photoshoots can be beneficial for building my styling portfolio and my blog, while building her photography portfolio at the same time. Danielle and I met up this past Sunday to do a shoot in Central Park along with her boyfriend Alex to help out! What we thought would be a fairly straight-forward afternoon turned into quite the adventure. We didn't quite realize that Sunday also happened to be the National Puerto Rico Parade. Of course, all the areas we had planned on shooting were blocked off for "crowd control". However, I think we were able to get some great shots and got to explore a bit more of the park. By exploring, I also mean shimmying illegally across a ledge into a swampy area and attempting to bribe a "park ranger" to let us into a blocked area. After a very eventful afternoon, we were determined to get a frozen margarita and ventured another 17 blocks to find one. Thank god, it was worth it! Can't wait to see how the pictures come out. Until then, here's a few instagrams of the days events.


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