Monday, June 3, 2013

Hamptons Photoshoot

The true title: Lost on a roadtrip to the Hamptons. It wasn't until I had the whole outfit on I realized how "Hamptons Inspired" it looked. Even more so, you never would've guessed I was a neutrals person. I swear working at J.Crew pushed me to move out of my neutral hippie zone into experimenting with a preppier style. When I look at this background, my first thought would probably be all white outfit. BUT, I love the contrast of the colors in this look with the dull and somewhat desolate background. Who doesn't love a good juxtaposition? The best part: the majority of these poses I did while being my awkwardly goofy self, and yet, they came out looking great. Jamie King, I cannot say it enough, you're a genius.


P.S. For all you online shoppers, each item in my outfit is labeled at the bottom. Click and it will link you to the exact item or something similar. The sweater and shorts are on sale, and if you click on the necklace link, welcome to one of my favorite jewelry sites,!

Photography by Jamie King
Model and Styling by Emma Sousa

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