Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Still Alive

Despite my two month hiatus, I'm still alive. Life (and school) catches up to you. I'm excited to finally share some posts from my trips to New York City and Orlando! But for now...Clothes. I love to reinvent them. Making a maxi skirt a midi-dress or layering a tunic and skirt for the illusion of a dress, the possibilities are endless. Let's take the colorful tunic below. It's actually a swimsuit coverup. Add a nude tank, black maxi, bronze pumps, a gold waist belt and bangle, and you're good to go. Please don't try this with every coverup. I'm getting really scary visuals of netted looking things. Stick to the linens, cottons, and chiffons! Next up will be my NYC highlights so be on the lookout!


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