Thursday, February 14, 2013

My First Runway

I recently participated in Project RunAway here in Knoxville! I was so thrilled to be paired with Taylar Noblett as my designer. She is a Fashion Merchandising and Design major at Tennessee Tech and needless to say we were two peas in pod. She took a silk robe, a wedding dress, a pillow, and viola-- backless kimono with lace detail on the bodice, lace sleeve insert, and a killer headband. You can't see to well int the picture, but there are some vintage/hippie/gypsy tassels on the sleeve. I was in love. We paired it with some BCBGeneration lace-up booties that I had trouble giving back! It was such a fun event overall! It was my first time walking a runway, and it was awesome! Taylor was dying over my walk-- result of watching millions of TV shows based on fashion (e.g. Project Runway, Make Me A Supermodel, and yes, America's Next Top Model). It was exhilarating. 

Channeling Alexander McQueen

Me and my design Taylar Noblett-- she's only been sewing for 2 weeks!


Brushing out my runway hair...

trying to make it look trendy...

what I really wished it looked like-- ultimate runway hair on Alexis

Need one:

Got em:



  1. Why was I not watching this in person? :-).
    What fun! So glad you got to do this!! Perfection.


  2. Thanks Sandra! Your comments always make my day! xoxo