Thursday, September 27, 2012

Boys, take note

I was invited to a International Business luncheon on Wednesday, and from the moment I walked thru the doors, I knew the man pictured above was our speaker. Although I have never met Chad Goldman, his impeccable style could not go unnoticed, and let's get real- no men dress close to this good on this campus. Mr. Goldman is the VP of Marketing for CauseForce in LA. He was a Language and World Business Major at the University of Tennessee and spent many years living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is wearing a suit by Jil Saunder and glasses by Oliver Peoples.

Bio aside, boys should take note. THIS is how to dress. Last week also happened to be the job fair where I saw a plethora of ill-fitting suits and "frat star" Vinyard Vines belts. While networking and being good at what you do get you places, first impressions are everything. If you are dressed in a suit that FITS, it will automatically set the tone in a positive way.

While I was interning at Lucky Magazine this summer, we had weekly intern seminars for all the interns of Conde Nast. One seminar was based around interview etiquette and dress. The senior editor for GQ and fashion news editor from Glamour showed how to dress the part depending on the industry in which you are interviewing.  This seminar was short but it completely opened my eyes to styling for men. I had been distracted by want to makeover women, when I was completely missing the fact that men need help in this area too. Some thing GQ is "metro" but the editor brought a fresh style to every type of guy there is.

Click HERE to learn more... And a few pics from GQ


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