Sunday, September 18, 2011


Fashion week tends to arrive every year right around the time that I have one million and five things to do...aka school involved. It's always a toss up what will take precident and I thin I managed both pretty well :) Of course all the fashion week coverage was view while procrastinating or at 2 am so I'll need to go back to give you full details.

The Spring 2012 collections from NY this year were full of innovation and new designs. Although many seem unwearable to me, the concepts and ideas behind the designers' creations were truly remarkable. Oscar de la Renta is always one of my favorites. He just makes beautiful clothes. Some of my favs from his new collection are below:

Probably the most wearable favorite for this new season though is none other than Christian Siriano. I loved sooo many of his looks that I'm going to post my absolute favs and a link to his full collection

More to come :)


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