Tuesday, June 21, 2011

That Joseph and The David

Ciao bella!

Sorry it’s been forevvvver. Our internet decided to stop working after a massive storm the night we got back from Capri so updating has been quite difficult….combined with the fact that we’ve been psycho busy!! I’ll try to remember as best I can! Some moments are more memorable than others haha! Let’s see…well the week after Capri was very busy with classes and events! In fashion illustration, we took a trip to the Salvatore Ferrangamo museum which was AMAZING! His craftsmanship was out of this world. We took a tour of the museum and then sketched our favs. Then, we were to design three outfits inspired by one of his shoes! That week we went on a Florence by night tour with our program with a ballin tour guide and free gelato at the end. It was wonderful! By the end of the week, Kirb and I were stressed to finish our designs so Venice couldn’t have come at a more perfect time.

Our program took us that weekend to Venice and Verona. We left bright and early on Friday after approximately 3 hours of sleep and went straight into Venice. After a tour with a soso tour guide, we were able to explore! We found an epic pizza place for lunch and then a gondola ride! Venice is so beautiful and we were just dumbfounded by all of the culture and experience the city has to offer. Not to mention there are NO CARS, MOPEDS, OR BIKES to run us over haha. Everything’s by boat (which is fun) and I love just walking throughout the streets. During an hour of down time at the hotel I caught up with Rick and tried to find some good places for dinner since Venice is known for overpriced, bad food. The first place we arrived was absolutely adorable and we had a wonderful meal J

The next day we got up early to explore, and of course, got caught in a massive rainstorm. Thankfully it let up by the time our actually activities were planned. We first went to Murano, which is famous for blown glass. We watched a mindblowing…glassblowing demonstration and then attacked with souvenirs. Then we ventured to Burano, which is famous for lace and almond cookies. Yum! Because Rick did so well the first night we figured we’d try another one of his favs.

We arrive and of course you have to have a reservation, but the owner tells us to hold on…runs to the back…comes back and asks if we could wait 30 min and they’ll have a table. He offers all 7 of us a glass of the their house white while we’re waiting…it’s fine we’re VIPs. The meal was wonderful…maybe the best meal I’ve ever had wonderful and the wine and tiramisu was amazing as well. We pretty much become besties with the owner and the waiters and long story short we hung out with them 2 hours after the restaurant had closed and they gave us tonsssss of free stuff. It was quite the epic night.

Sunday, we ventured to Verona, which was so beautiful as well. Tuesday, we had free vouchers to one of our program leader’s favorite pizza joints. It was undoubtedly the best pizza I’ve ever had…and it was free.

Wednesday, our fashion illustration class went to Pitti Uomo! Pitti Uomo is the biggest men’s fashion trade show in Italy and possibly the world. IT WAS UNREAL. I worked at one of the women’s trade shows while working for Joe’s last year and it blew NY out of the water. The fashion, display, everything was absolutely…well it made me speechless pretty much. I was dying…dyyyyying. We had heard there would be lots of events on the main fashion street in Florence that night so we thought we’d scope it out. We did manage to just waltz into a private party that was for Estee Lauder’s 100 anniversary, got a glass of Chardonnay and some cheese and mingled haha.

Then on Thursday (for fashion illustration), we toured the Pitti Palace which has a costume museum which has clothing dated back to the Medici family. We sketched our favs there and for our final project will sketch a collection inspired by one of the costumes! So excited! We switched things up and went to a yummy Mexican restaurant that night for dinner and finished the night with karaoke at Red Garter!

Friday, it took approximately 6 hours to get to Volterra and 1.5 to get back….Celery and the Gang’s great adventures….inside joke. Anyways, it was still beautiful and where parts of New Moon were filmed so it was pretty legit. We had a delish dinner with crappy service but were too excited about horseback riding in Tuscany the following day to even care!

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