Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Long Time No See

Sooooo it's been a while. People who say spring semester calms down is lying to themselves baha With school, work, Executive VP of ADPi, my sister's wedding approaching, and a whole slew of other things, I've been completely swamped! I like to use the phrase "Running around like a crazy person" to describe myself as of lately! haha

But most importantly, let's talk clothes! Going to Atlanta this weekend with Jess to look for rehearsal dinner dresses! If anyone knows of great boutiques there, let me know!! Of course neither of us can find what we want and it just seems like all the new spring dresses are lacking...agreed? So fingers crossed we'll find something in Atlanta!

For my birthday, I got some super cute 70s style platforms by Lucky Brand! I LOVE heels but can't always wear them on a day to day basis. But these are not too high and super comfy and awesome so ya! On Sunday, I popped into Forever and found two amazing maxi skirts (so in this spring/summer). One has a great print that totally was screaming Italy!

SIDEBAR! I'm studying abroad this summer in Florence, Italy! I'm going with my bestie Kirby and we're flying into Paris and spending a few days there, then we'll head to Rome to meet with the study abroad peeps for a few days, then studying in florence (we'll be taking fashion design and illustration!!!!) and on the weekends travel to Cinque Terra, Venice, and Tuscany, then Mom, Jess, and my aunt will meet us in Florence and venture to Milan! Thennnnn, I'm going to visit my bestie Lauren in London! Needless to say, I CANNOT WAIT!

soooo my style lately has been a mix of casual kate moss (vneck with vintage cutoff and my new wedges or fryes) and Italy (printed maxi skirt, layered jewelry, and my wedges :) ) I spent all of stats Monday catching up on the million blogs I read so enjoy the pics!

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