Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fireplace and 5 cups of tea

(I want to be them it's fine.)

So today the weather decided to take a major drop and didn't reach above I successfully studied the day away in front of the fireplace and had 5 cups of tea. Yup. 5 cups. I'm becoming a major addict. Speaking of addictions, let talk about clothes. In context of the recent temperature drop I'm feeling a need to discuss some of falls must haves and post a few of my fav Sartorialists' pics that just scream fall.

My essentials for this fall: first and foremost, chunky knits.What better than wrapping up in a massive knit cardi for any occasion. This comes to my mind first because one of my Joe's orders came in this week with a cranberry colored T and a massive, oversized chunky knit "cardigan" that I've been wearing for the past 3 days...I have an odd feeling I'm going to need to get some more of them because Lord knows I can't wear that one everyday even though I want to so bad..Anyways, another thing to embrace are cargo skinnies! I'm loving the ones by J Brand and Joe's of course that come in dark grey and army green. Speaking of army green, military is HUGE for fall. I'm needing to invest in a great, easy military jacket that can be worn with just about anything. If you seen any great ones recently, let me know!

Also, as fall approaches (and as I'm always inspired by the fabulous Rachel Zoe), I'm really wanting to get some great jackets and outerwear. I wear cardigans just about everyday and I'm shocked to even say I'm getting tired of them but I am. I'm feeling something a little more structured.

Now I could go on for days about shoes but on the top of my list right now are oxfords (preferable in a tan leather), black clogs (I'm obsessed with the Jeffrey Campbell ones but I cannot walk around campus in 4 inch shoes....well I prolly could but I'd be crazy to) so one with not to high a heel but a good one, and flat, short leather boots (Frye anyone? But seriously one's that fit my budget dang it) Anyways, those are my tops. Of course I'm always in need of a great pump but I'm not in any necessities for them at the moment...I know. What?

Now to the pics!!

Great military choice!

Fur. Check. My fur vest will definitely be making an appearance soon.

Loving the combo

Obsessed with her jacket and pants.

How freakin cute is she! I need her sweater! This will be me going to class everyday. Chunky sweater replacing the cardi.
Just love this all around.

Need her boots.

Need her vest.

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