Thursday, May 2, 2013

Gadgets, Bargains, + Kicks

While searching through a folder titled "fashion 2012" for one of my favorite photos that I still have yet to find, I realized why my computer hates me so much. Other than the fact that my computer has been through A LOT and that I regularly keep around 22 tabs open at a time, I have 850 photos just in that "fashion 2012" folder. #fashionprobs. I'm going to have to seriously scale down or get an extra hard drive.... oh wait, thank god for Dropbox and iCloud. The point is: graduation is a week away, and in conjunction, the time in which I will receive my new 13" Macbook Pro with retina display! Stoked! Nothing like a fresh start on life with new gadgets for organization (and hopefully another reason to blog regularly).

Also, I'll be moving to New York at the end of May! New work attire = necessary. Hello, I'm the biggest bargain shopper you know. Target to the rescue. Textured Blazer ($10.48), printed pencil skirt ($6.88), Converse sweater ($8.38), yellow woven wedges ($14.98), anddddd these beauts--

  I've been waiting for these suckers to go on sale for probably 4-5 months. Don't they realize people in Knoxville are not going to buy wedge sneakers? Anyways, Mom gifted them, so it was that much better! I posted about the Isabel Marant ones (who started the whole trend) back in the fall, and I finally have them (well the copycats). Here are a few ways I can't wait to wear them.



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