Friday, February 24, 2012

A New Twist from Donna

Whenever I think of Donna Karan, I think of flow, organic, womanly. Oh, did she throw me for a loop this season, but in a good way! I can still see the elements within her designs that express who she is as a designer and a person. The focus here is the powerful women. I won't go off on some type of feminist tyrant, but I LOVE that she is harnessing this strength that I think all women hold inside.
On the execution level, I see the organic in an....origami way. The asymmetry of the top hat, the twist in the grey pinstripe dress with a one-shouldered peak. The stunning sequin blazer and skirt, completely open, but with a thick, ribbonish, bowtie. The red blazer is beautifully tailored, and the lbd: truly chic.
I really respect Donna Karan. She knows who she is, what her designs are all about, and leads the tones of the fashion industry.


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