Tuesday, November 22, 2011

holy sh....moly

These are some snapshots I found of Set's Spring 2012 line. I'm dying. Please dress me in each outfit on the reg. I didn't know much about Set so I researched a bit and here's what I found on the designer: Maya Junger, Creative Director of Set since 2008, was born and raised in Germany.
She lived in London for ten years working as an international corporate lawyer before returning to the family roots in the fashion business in Munich in 1998.
She is a working mum of four and an urban-adrenalin-junkie! Streetlooks, streetlife, cultural diversity and browsing through the most diverse shops and exhibitions inspire her authentic styles.

They have some amazing cableknits and oversized cardi's for winter as well. Here the website if you want to find out more : http://www.set-fashion.com/


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