Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Returning to my true hometown: NYC

I'll be venturing up to NY finally on Thursday! It's been almost a year which really just makes me want to cry. Jess, Mom, and I will be driving up to Long Island to beach and boat it up the majority of the time....I'll be drowning myself in tanning oil on my body and lemon juice in my hair...fulling embracing summer naturally :) ha At some point I'll going into the city for a day or two for some shopping of course and to visit my friend Jonathon who goes to Parsons and hopefully my friend Kelly who's been interning up there this summer with fitness mag. I CANNOT WAIT. NY is literally calling my name. Needing some inspirational outfits...I chose the following...for just a few of course. (PS my OCD kicked in and I reorganized my fashion obsessions into folders :) don't even want to know how many there are andddddd before weeding out some of the pics from Italy/Europe I had.....over 3,000 pics....I made myself pick and choose which ones to print. Got it down to 576...we'll see. baha)

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