Monday, November 15, 2010


So I haven't posted in way too long but have been finding some amazing style inspirations on Here are some that I found today (while totally paying attention in class...) that i am LOVING and hopefully more will follow :)

My future boyfriend....well not really but i wish b/c i'm lovvvving his outfit

shearling....need it in my life

love the contrast: as rachel zoe would say: so coco chanel

this has Chloe written all over it and I love pairing little socks with your heels! its so playful and different

I want this outfit on my body right now! I love putting tights under thigh high socks and the lace and the nude skirt: perfection.

I'm loving long skirts: goal is to make one!

oversized sweater with liquid leggings will prolly make an appearance this week

fur. need i say more

how freakin cute is this?? Hope you've enjoyed! Have a wonderful week! Hopefully you'll be hearing from me again :)

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